<Fear and Loathing>

About Us: 

We are an international English speaking guild on Feenix's Archangel "Blizzlike" private server.

The guild is currently in a recruitment process to fill our 25 man slots, we are looking for dedicated and active players that want to complete as much engame content as possible while still enjoying themselves at the same time. We emphasize a friendly but serious raid environment.

If you want to join on us on our journey to complete endgame content please don't hesitate to apply.

Raid Schedule:
Sunday/Monday/Friday @ 20:00-23:30 (or 8pm-11:30pm) Server time.

Our raids may go past our scheduled time if we are trying to defeat a boss we have yet to kill or everyone wishes to continue raiding.

Loot System:

- We use a council based loot system for 25 man raids. The officers and council members will distribute loot based on performance, attendance, and upgrade. As a rule to distrubute loot as evenly as possible only 1 item is permitted per boss.

Guild Rules:

- If you cannot make a set raid time let an officer know about your absence far enough in advance.

- As a guild we should function as a team, Guild progression takes place over an individuals gear progression. 

- "Pugging" raid content we are currently participating in is unaccaptable unless raids have been canceled.

Even if your class is not listed in the demand section and you still want to raid with us please don't hesitate to apply or whisper an Officer in game.

Officers: Sinalynn/Nevwind